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Mars Drinks' is gone for ordering Alterra-Flavia coffee online.

Now get the same quality at lower prices. Welcome to CoffeeRocket!

There are 2 coupon codes worth $12 on this page. Continue reading to maximize your savings or click here to start shopping.

Flavia-Alterra Coffee Fresh Packs

Our competitors have raised prices recently. We haven't budged off our Lowest Everyday Prices. We are still 10% to 25% lower than the big brand name online stores. We are small business specialists with coffee & tea products. We want to be the new supplier of your Flavia brewer machine refills. Do you want to get your coffee & tea from the place you get your ink cartridges and staplers? We will work hard for your small business with unsurpassable customer service and guaranteed lowest everyday pricing. Here's how to add up the savings:

  • Everyday Discount off MSRP:  10% to 20%
  • Wow! Under $10 for a Rail of 20 Fresh Packs, Save more on a Case of 5 Rails.
  • Loyalty Points: 1% Back
  • New Customer Coupon: $5 Off
  • Weekly Newsletter Sale Items, Extra 5% to 10% Off Selected Items
  • Watch for Claude the Coffee Hound to announce big deal Flash Sales.
  • Coupons for Larger Volume Purchases (see below.)

Here is our best everyday deal: Two (2) cases of Brand Name Freshpacks for under $100* with Free Shipping. You may select combinations of our high-quality brands and flavors for your cart; and, if you are a new customer apply the welcome5 coupon at checkout to save another $5 off of our lowest everyday pricing. 

When you buy two cases or more we beat'em all by a mile. We hope you will give a two case purchase serious consideration. The two case customer is our fastest growing purchasing segment because these customers realize a bulk purchase provides the greatest value by far. The product freshness lasts much longer than you used to think. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Is Free Shipping important to you? Ours is faster. They use methods that take 4 to 9 days. We'll get your order to you in 1 to 4 days.

Everyday Lowest Prices!

Product Coffee Rocket CoffeeASAP Office Depot DS Services Quill Tiki Hut Amazon Staples
Freshpacks Rail $9.67 $11.30 NA $13.99 NA $11.99 $11.99 $NA
Freshpacks Case $48.06 NA 56.49 - 71.29 NA $57.99 NA NA $66.99
Dove Hot Cocoa Rail $13.10 $12.49 NA NA NA $13.99 $15.45 NA
Dove Hot Cocoa Case $51.00 NA $88.99 NA $51.99 NA NA $59.99

Prices as of 12/15/2017

If you can read the balance of this article in five minutes you'll earn additional savings at the rate $84 per hour. (If your order is over $96.) Don't want to read all those details about additional savings and benefits below? Too busy? Just click: Busy Guy or Gal


The Best Online Coffee Deals

Okay, so while those guys and gals are off busily spending other people's money, stay with me as I do the numbers on the best everyday pricing for your coffee refills. 

Now that you have come this far, it's likely you have a small business or you work for someone that does and they trust you to look out for their best interests. Maybe you run an economical household and you're willing to make some concessions to save money in the long run. Buy in bulk and save!

The key to getting this best deal on fresh packs for your Flavia brewer is a minimum purchase of two (2) cases*. Each fresh pack case contains 5 rails of 20 fresh packs. That works out to 100ct at less than 50 cents per cup! Now let me be clear, I'm talking about everyday pricing. This is not promotional pricing. If you're buying in greater quantity, you'll save about another $4 per case compared to the next best deal. This doesn't apply only to fresh packs, any combination of our products totaling more than $96 in your cart will do. Just as an example, typically two cases of fresh packs will get you over the top.  Oh, and please don't find fault with us if a temporary sale price on a case knocks you below the $96 threshold for a purchase of two (2).

Okay, so now you know the least of what you need to know. You may proceed to shop, however, read further if you want to know how to pick our bones clean.

If you are a new customer, take another $5 Off with the welcome5 coupon.

Come on, really, it's easy to create an account. You only need to do it for your first order. Our repeat customers know to click Login first to get the best experience. After your first order, all of the checkout forms will be filled in for you, automatically.

The simple truth is, our competitors think customers should be loyal to them. We know you would rather be loyal to your hard-earned money, or the money of the one who has entrusted you. We're betting you'll keep coming back to us for our lowest everyday pricing. If you don't buy anonymously, you'll also get 1% back in Rewards Points for future purchases.

Vinny Vulture Save $7

Wow! You're a shopping vulture. And, that's a good thing here. For reading this far we want to reward you with an additional $7 Off. That's $7 off your first order if it is over $96. Use Coupon Code vinny7. Oh, and don't forget to come back and use the welcome5 coupon with your second order. Hey, that's a total $12 Off! A bulk purchase is the smart buy.

One more thing you should know, our weekly newsletter has deeper discounts each week on Flavia fresh packs. Sometimes we offer 5%-10% off everything. So, when you get the email confirmation from your first order, save us as a contact in your email client so that our newsletter doesn't end up in spam. We want to be the regular bulk supplier of all your coffee and tea supplies. The folks in the warehouse reminded me to tell you this because they love the overtime the newsletter creates. I really didn't need the reminder. If you know what's good for you, you'll bookmark our site so you don't have to come through this page again via Google.

New Customers Savings

  • Save $5 or $15.  First-time customers save an additional $5 on a minimum order of $50 or more. Save $5, plus $7.95 on shipping for all orders over $99.  
  • Make sure you have the minimum in your shopping cart (not including shipping costs) 
  • Enter the promo code welcome5 in the checkout form.
  • This is a one-time use coupon and cannot be combined with other offers. Use the coupon soon because it can expire at any time.

     Remember the code: welcome5.

Are you interested in Larger Volume Coupons for all future orders? Coupons


*Most 2 case combinations are less than $100 with the coupon, some are only slightly more. Starbucks is always more, but our everyday prices are still much lower than their everyday prices.