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That's right, get 3 times the normal Rocket Rewards Points on orders placed between today and Cyber Monday November 28th. This temporary promotion does not apply to Coffee Machines and Recurring Orders. Note: You must have an account with us and login to receive rewards points.

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Product Search Help

If you enter in a phrase like: Starbucks French Roast, the search result will include all products whose name contains any of the words in the phrase. Just like Google Search, put your keywords in quotes to get the exact phrase searched. Like so: "Starbucks French Roast"

Type Example Notes
Fuzzy ~ Contain terms that are close to the word kettle, such as cattle
Wild cat* Contain terms that begin with cat, such as category and the exact term cat itself
Exact-Single orange Contain the term orange
Exact-Phrase "wiki is awesome" Contain the exact phase wiki is awesome
OR orange bike Contain the term orange or bike, or both. OR, if used, must be in uppercase
  orange OR bike  
AND orange AND bike Contain both orange and bikeAND must be in uppercase
Combo (agile OR extreme) AND methodology Contain methodology and must also contain agile and/or extreme


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