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Price Match Guarantee

We have recently changed our business strategy to build a reputation with the online community as a reliable source of quality brand coffees and teas at prices that are always the lowest available online. The new CoffeeRocket pledge line is "Lowest Everyday Prices!".

There are several things our customers do to enable us to make our pledge. 

  • Help the cause. Although we send out web crawlers to search the internet for lower prices, occasionally we miss a lower price. Customers alert us if they find a lower price offered for our products. We welcome these alerts and reward our customers accordingly. The form below can be used for this purpose.
  • Become a regular loyal customer.  We expect to eventually win your trust as the most reliable supplier of the lowest priced coffee and tea products on the internet. We rely on our customers' continuing orders to negotiate the lowest prices from our suppliers.
  • Refer friends and family members. We can keep our prices down if we can add customers without increasing advertising expenses. We sincerely believe that we offer the best value on high quality brands and we ask customers to share the CoffeeRocket reputation with people they know can appreciate this value. We emphasize for our customers to not spam anyone. Refer a Friend >>
  • Help us maintain our high standards. Alert us if we ever fail to deliver on what we've promised. We will set things right if we let you down. Were talking about standards with customer service including: shipping, product quality, packaging failure, communication delays, etc. You see... we are serious about building a reputation for reliability and Lowest Everyday Prices! 

The Price Match Guarantee is our way of ensuring that we always offer our community the best price on coffee and tea products at If our regular prices are not better than our online competitors, we will give you an adjustment to offer you the same deal.

Just present to us the materials showing that another business is offering the identical beverage product for a lower price, and we will issue you a credit for the difference if you've made a purchase with us within the last 24 hours. Please read the Questions and Answers below for more details.

Below are the formal Terms and Conditions of our Lowest Price Guarantee presented in Question and Answer style:

Price Match FAQs


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  • Request Price Match

    You must place your price match request within 24 hours of your order. Once you place your order and receive your order number, fill out the information below to request your price match.