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Dove Mint and Dark Chocolate Freshpack Case

Dove Mint and Dark Chocolate Freshpack Case

Dove Mint & Dark Chocolate Freshpack Case of 70

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Dove Mint & Dark Chocolate Freshpacks Case of 70 brew a silky, smooth dark hot chocolate that feature a refreshing, cool mint taste.

1 Case of 5 Rails (70 Freshpacks)

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2018-09-21 JR 999
Best Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is so much better than any other single serve hot chocolate I've had. I've tried K-cups (all varieties) and Tassimo . None compare. The Dove Hot Chocolate is a rich Hot Chocolate and above all, not too sweet. No phoney taste to this hot chocolate. I also got the peppermint tea and make peppermint hot chocolate. It's wonderful. I'm sure if you try this, you will be hooked on Dove Hot Chocolate.

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