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Rocket Rewards Loyalty Program

Earn an additional 1% back on every dollar you spend with us!

What are Rocket Rewards?

The Rocket Rewards program is Coffee Rocket's way of showing our customers how much we appreciate their loyalty. For every dollar you spend you receive 1% back. After you've accumulated the equivalent of $2 in points (200), you are then able to redeem the points in their dollar amount and use them as discounts on orders.

How does the program work?

For every dollar you spend, you receive 1% back. After you've reached 200 points you can use them to receive discounts on orders. The points awarded are based on subtotals of the orders placed so, before tax and shipping costs. For example: if you spent $100, not including shipping and handling, you would receive 100 points which is the equivalent of $1.

What does it cost?

Rocket Reward points can only be earned by ordering products and completing purchase transactions. There is no additional cost. The program is FREE!

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Rocket Reward FAQs

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When & how can I use my Rocket Rewards?

3 years 218 days ago

If you have been logging in when placing your previous orders, you have been accruing Rocket Reward$ loyalty points.

To be able to redeem points, you must have at least accrued 200 points. If you have at least 200 points, upon checkout, where you are asked how to pay, you'll see that automatically your reward points will be listed with a box for you to redeem them. (NOTE: if you do not have 200 points yet, you will NOT see the box to redeem points.)

Just type in the amount of points you'd like to redeem and click the green + to apply them to your cart. You know you've applied them properly if you see them added with a trash can next to them (see screenshot below).

You will also see to the far right the dollar amount you saved. You many finish your checkout and will only be charged the remaining balance. PLEASE NOTE: Reward points expire after 180 days so make sure to use them before they expire!

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